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28 May 2015

An interim head of the Balti Territorial Office of the State Registration Chamber was caught red handed by NAC officers and anticorruption prosecutors. The man is suspected of passive corruption.

27 May 2015

Two men from Balti are investigated for influence peddling by the officers of the General Territorial Department "North" of NAC and anticorruption prosecutors.

26 May 2015

The Ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Chisinau had a meeting with the National Anti-Corruption Center’ s director Viorel Chetraru.

18 March 2015

A head of department and a traumatologist of the Drochia District Hospital are prosecuted for corruption by NAC officers and prosecutors on suspicion of involvement in criminal scheme of systematic extortion of money for

16 March 2015

A former employee of the Department of land, architecture and urbanism of the Chisinau city hall was arrested by NAC officers and prosecutors in a case of corruption on Friday.