New details in the "Public Health Center" case. An employee of a company, suspected of corrupting PHC officials
15.02.2019 267 Views  

The representative of an economic agent from the capital was briefly detained by the NAC and anticorruption prosecutors in the context of the Public Health Center case. He is suspected of bribing PHC officials to obtain over one hundred medical certificates regarding the passing of hygiene training courses by the company employees.

He was placed in the NAC isolator for 72 hours and is investigated for passive corruption. According to the criminal investigation materials, the suspect would have sent money to the PHC representative during December 2018 to obtain medical certificates endorsement without the attending at the training of the company employees.

At the moment, the number of people heard in the PHC case has reached 31. Of these, 11 have the status of accused, 4 are placed into custody for 30 days, and 7 have acknowledged the guilt, cooperate with the investigation and are investigated in a state of freedom. Another 20 people are suspected.

Criminal investigation officers, in common with the anticorruption prosecutors, take all the necessary actions to identify the entire corruption scheme.

The NAC addresses to those who have suffered from the allegedly illegal actions of the Public Health Center officials and urges them to denounce these actions.

We would like to mention that, any person shall be presumed innocent until the final and irrevocable judgement is delivered.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office leads the prosecution.




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