The accountant of a company from Chisinau was detained in the case "Public Health Center" file. The number of suspects and accused has reached to 32
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Another person was detained in the "Public Health Center" case. Is concerned the chief accountant of a company in Chisinau who would have given money to PHC employees to obtain the endorsement of health hygiene training, but also for a project to build a food destination.

At present, 32 people (officials and representatives of economic agents) have the status of suspect or accused under this case, 13 people being detained and later arrested.

We would like to remind that eleven employees of the Municipal Public Health Center of the National Public Health Agency of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection were arrested by the NAC and the anticorruption prosecutors within a broad investigation launched in May 2018.

According to the case materials, they would systematically claim money, personally or through intermediaries, from different individuals and legal entities for a range of services. Health inspectors and some PHC leaders would have accepted financial means for issuing authorizations and sanitary certificates, for giving up some controls or not reporting irregularities detected as a result of unannounced checks.

They also claimed money for releasing, without impediments, batch endorsements, drafts and final receptions, organizing hygienic training classes and successfully sponsoring exams, without the direct attendance of individuals, as well as evaluating positive results of instrumental measurements and laboratory analyzes without on-site movement.

Prosecutors have started in this case 138 criminal cases for active and passive corruption. Thus, the PA and the NAC urge those who have suffered from the illegal actions of public health center officials to refer us to the telephone numbers of the 257 202 - The Guard Unit or the National Anticorruption Line 0 800 55555.

We would like to mention that, any person shall be presumed innocent until the final and irrevocable judgement is delivered.

At the same time, we would like remind, in 2019, the core priorities of the NAcare to prevent and combat corruption in the control institutions.




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