Three major NAC events during a week: Anticorruption Campaign in Health, Education and a Anti-Fire Exercise
15.04.2019 393 Views  

The National Anticorruption Center continued also in the past week combating and prevention activities, the most important event being the launch of the campaign "Corruption is seriously damaging health". The project, developed jointly with the Ministry of Health, Social Protection and Family, is aimed at preventing corruption in the country`s medical system, promoting integrity values, and improving health care for citizens.

At the same time, in high schools from Chisinau, are held meetings with the 12th grade graduates within the campaign "No corruption at the BAC" - a project which has started in partnership with the General Directorate of Education, Youth and Sport of Chisinau Municipal Council. Young people are urged by the NAC to not bribe for favors, denounce illicit cases that become known to them, and adopt honest and integrity behavior during the baccalaureate exams.

Another event, which ended the week at the NAC, was a fire simulation organized at the headquarters, all employees being faced to struggle a potential danger. They had to leave the building in operative terms, not before taking quick action to provide fire brigade access to the service offices, but also to save as many important goods and documents as possible.

In addition to these activities, the Center has also carried out other competency - specific activities. Thus, for one week, the General Directorate on Criminal Prosecution has sent 10 criminal cases; more than 1000 materials were registered in the NAC`s Chancellery, of which 46 petitions: 77 calls were received at the National Anticorruption Line; 74 integrity records have been released; 12 operational analyses were prepared for 71 people.

The Criminal Assets Recovery Agency continues to focus it`s activity on identifying and recovering assets based on 121 prosecutors delegations. Within one week, CARA has seized goods and accounts worth 1 million lei. 



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