Synthesis of the week
24.06.2019 812 Views  

1. Criminal Assets Recovery Agency (CARA) has seized goods and accounts worth over 2 700 000 lei.

2. 5 operational and one strategic analyses have been delivered.  

3. The Legislation Directorate sent 6 anticorruption proof expertises. 33 materials are under review.

4. The Legal Department participated in 7 hearings.

5. There were 977 entries in the Center`s Chancellery.

6. 72 calls were received at the national anticorruption line, 2 of them being under the competence of the NAC.

7. In penitenciary, 14 persons are detained, arrested in the files managed by the NAC, and 1 - under home arrest. In total -  15 people arrested.

8. There have been released 162 integrity records.

9. The Anticorruption Education Directorate continued training in the field of health protection with the generic name ”Corruption is seriously detrimental to health.” It also started the campaign "Integrity policemen - protected citizens". In total, for a week, 18 training sessions were organized for 1,100 audiences. This week, 11 training sessions are planned.

10. A total of 7 criminal cases have been sent for settlement.





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