European prosecutors recommend the return of the competence to combat high-level corruption to the NAC
30.08.2019 725 Views  

The competences of the National Anticorruption Center must be revised, and the fight against high-level corruption is to be the number one priority of the NAC and the Anticorruption Prosecutor`s Office. In this opinion, there are several prosecutors of the General Prosecutor`s Office in Lithuania, who also hold the status of key experts in the Twinning Project. The recommendations were formulated after a series of meetings, consultations and analyses carried out by European experts within the project "Support in strengthening the operational capacities of the law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Moldova in the field of prevention and investigation of corruption acts".

In the opinion of the experts, the NAC should focus on investigating the corruption facts committed by persons with high positions of responsibility, and the whole process must be carried out in coordination with the Anticorruption Prosecutor`s Office. At the same time, the discussion partners mentioned that, in the context of the review of competences, the investigation of the minor corruption offenses should be delegated to other criminal prosecution bodies within the Internal Protection and Anti-corruption Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Inspectorate of Police and Customs Service.

Lithuania's representative at Eurojust Margarita Šniutytė-Daugėlienė, prosecutor of the Lithuanian General Prosecutor`s Office, said that "investigating the causes of minor corruption consumes too much human and technical resources that could be used productively in the fight against high-level corruption and serve the country's well-being. more effectively. This delimitation of competences is an international practice that has made progress in Lithuania, as well as in many other European states."

In his turn, the director of the NAC, Ruslan Flocea pointed out that, the Center is prepared to take from the Anticorruption Prosecutor`s Office a part of the competences of investigating the cases of high corruption and to take on the fight with systemic corruption. "The NAC has qualified specialists with a high training and experience in the field of corruption investigation and detection. Also, the institution is technically and logistically equipped, which allows this potential to be harnessed in order to obtain visible results in the fight against big corruption. ”

In the next period, the NAC will submit proposals regarding the introduction of some modifications and amendments to the regulatory framework in order to speed up the review process of the NAC and AP competences.

We would like to mention that the visit of European prosecutors takes place in the context of completing the last stage of implementation of the Twinning Project, experts who have developed a guide of recommendations aimed at improving and strengthening the system of prevention and combating corruption. The project has been carrying out its mission since 2017, and the NAC is among the main beneficiary institutions together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Police Inspectorate and the Customs Service.

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