Anticorruption campaign held by the NAC and the rapper Kapushon awarded prizes to young people in Orhei
06.12.2019 97 Views  


Corruption is a malady and everyone should be involved in saving the society from its consequences. This is the message passed by Kapushon to the students and teachers from Orhei. The rapper along with the NAC representatives and anticorruption volunteers in the framework of "A lesson on integrity" urged the young people not to tolerate the illegalities they witness.

The participants listened to different songs from the singer's repertoire, including the most recent - "If you've given or if you've taken" that has a powerful anticorruption message.

The students asked Kapushon about his creation, as well as about the principles he is guided by. The participants who put the most ingenious and interesting questions received awards from the singer.

In his speech, Ion Pruteanu, the head of directorate of the NAC, spoke about the importance of the corruption prevention and about the mechanisms of reporting the cases of giving and receiving bribes.

The campaign "A lesson on integrity from Kapushon" has been held during November - December of the current year at schools, vocational schools and universities in the country. The activity was organized by UNDP and the National Anticorruption Center.




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