National Anticorruption Conference, 14th edition, in pictures – event organized in partnership and with the financial support of the UNDP Moldova project
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The speech by the director of the National Anticorruption Center, Ruslan FLOCEA 

Madam President of the Parliament

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

Dear representatives of the development partners,


Ladies and gentlemen,

We welcome you at the 14th edition of the National Anticorruption Conference, which we carry out this year under the title "Sectorial Approach to Corruption: Progress and Deficiencies", together with our partner - United Nations Development Program of the Republic of Moldova. Today's event is a part of the series of actions and meetings occasioned by the marking of the International Anticorruption Day – the day established by the United Nations Resolution in 2003; the annual organization of the Conference denotes the commitment of the Republic of Moldova in promoting intolerance towards corruption and continuous amplification of practices of strengthening the climate of institutional integrity.

Honorable audience,

Year after year, in the framework of this event, the National Anticorruption Center, together with the other institutions for the protection of the legal norms, have presented numerous reports and conclusions on the process of preventing and combatting corruption in the Republic of Moldova. All these reunions had the mission to convince the society that the state has adhered to high standards of fight against corruption and it has chosen an irreversible way of eliminating vicious practices from the public system.

Even though, there have been made enormous efforts to counter corruption, our society does not fully feel that the state institutions have made enough efforts to change the things. That is why we, as an acticorruption institution, as well as all those who represent the public sector today, have a huge responsibility to change this perception. What we can do is to self-perfect ourselves by improving the mechanisms, by making the processes transparent, by offering the qualitative services, so that the citizen can feel the due respect from the state. 

I have made this short introduction to present the subject of the today’s event in terms more accessible to all those present and to those who are watching us. The title of the Conference "Sectorial Approach to Corruption: Progress and Deficiencies" can be too general, that is why I will try to precise and explain some things before we start the discussion. We talked above about institutions and their efforts to become more efficient. We all know that one of the major vulnerabilities of the public sector is corruption, and this has not been mentioned once. When we talk about corruption, I am not referring to the classic version of bribery, but to much deeper institutional processes that generate risks of corruption.

However, the National Anticorruption Center is currently carrying out a complex activity of training and assisting the state institutions in the process of eliminating the risks of corruption and the vicious practices in the system, as well as in strengthening the climate of integrity. As part of this process, we identified a number of sectors that need to adjust their working mechanisms and processes in a way to exclude vulnerabilities, and as a result each entity has developed an anticorruption sector plan.

Today, each of these institutions is present here and is going to share their experience of implementing and promoting anticorruption policies in the entity they represent. My colleagues will also come up with a deeper and more detailed approach of the efforts made by the NAC in the field of preventing corruption and promoting the climate of integrity. Our partners have also supported us throughout this period, providing quality support, training, experience and good practices.

Using this occasion I will thank:

the joint project of the European Union and the Council of Europe "Controlling Corruption through Law Enforcement and Prevention" (CLEP),

Twinning project “Support to the strengthening of the operational capacities of the Law Enforcement Agencies of the Republic of Moldova in the field of investigation of criminal acts of corruption”. 

the project "Fighting corruption by strengthening sustainable integrity in the Republic of Moldova", implemented by UNDP Moldova in partnership with CNA and the Office of the People's Advocate. 

So, I want to wish all the conference participants success in the discussions, to urge everyone to come forward with the proposals they consider necessary, to speak openly about the problems they are facing and to find solutions for each from them.

Successes and thank you all for participating.




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