The NAC Director takes part in the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in Abu Dhabi
16.12.2019 69 Views  

A delegation from National Anticorruption Center, headed by the NAC director Ruslan Flocea, is in Abu Dhabi these days, where the 8th session of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption has started its work. The event began with a call for advanced efforts to prevent and combat corruption, the debates that follow, will focus on key-subjects in the context of the Convention implementation, assets recovery, international cooperation, prevention and technical assistance.

During those five days, different thematic reports will be discussed about the assessment Mechanism of the Convention implementation. One of them "Good practices and experiences, as well as relevant measures taken in States Parties following the completion of country assessments, including technical assistance information", reveals that 169 states completed executive summaries in the framework of the first cycle of assessment. 90 % reported undertaking legislative reforms efforts, 71 % remarked that the assessment process contributed to identify deficiencies in the systems of fighting corruption, appreciating the positive impact of the Mechanism for National Efforts.

The mechanism for National Efforts at the Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption was established in Article 63 of Resolution 58/4 of October 31, 2003, in order to strengthen capacities and cooperation between States Parties, to achieve the objectives of the Convention and to promote the evaluation of its implementation.

By December 2019, the United Nations Convention Against Corruption recorded 140 signatory states, 186 ratifications.

Every two years, the States Parties meet to review the implementation of the Convention and to discuss the better ways of fighting corruption. The meeting unites more than 1.300 participants from the countries from all over the world.

The trip to the Conference was supported by the UNDP and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




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