NAC Synthesis of the week: Assets worth 3 million lei were sequestered by the NAC in one week
03.02.2020 421 Views  

1.     Criminal Assets Recovery Agency sequestered assets worth around 3 million lei on the basis of the prosecutors' delegations.

2.     Analytical Department carried out 5 operational analyses on criminal cases, other 23 are under development.

3.     Legislation Department conducted anticorruption expertise on the 12 draft laws and issued 10 opinions.

4.     1040 materials were registered in the Chancellery of the Center, 26 of them are petitions.

5.     52 calls were received at the national anticorruption line,7 of them being within the competence of the NAC.

6.     3 activities were carried out by the Anticorruption Education Department of the NAC.

7.     94 integrity records were issued.

8.     3 persons were arrested and put in prisons.




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