A new tentative to buy driving licenses, reported to the NAC. The suspect was detained
12.02.2020 899 Views  

A man from Cahul was detained, a short time ago, by the officers of the General Territorial Directorate South of the NAC and anticorruption prosecutors, in a case of traffic of influence. The suspect would have offered a young woman help in obtaining driving license, without passing the exams. For his service, the man would have claimed 650 euros.

According to the whistleblower, the suspect would have alleged that has influence on the officials from Registration of Transport Means and Driver's Qualification in Cahul and can determine to issue the driving licence without problems. For their bribing, the suspect would have asked for 650 euros.

Due to the fact that the whistleblower took the theoretical tests, without the help of the suspect, he would have reduced the amount, claiming 350 euros to be helped at the practice examination. While transferring the money, the man was detained by the NAC and escorted for hearings. If he is found guilty, he risks up to 6 years of imprisonment or penal fine. We remind that every person is presumed to be innocent until the final and irrevocable decision of the court is pronounced.

The Office of Anticorruption Prosecutor South carries out criminal prosecution.

The National Anticorruption Center specifies that its priorities include combating and preventing corruption within the Agency of Public Services. This results from the numerous complaints regarding the collection of different amounts of money by the APS employees for issuing documents, in most of the cases for the fraud of the driving license exams.




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