An inspector of the Customs Post Sănătăuca, detained by the NAC for passive corruption
13.03.2020 3905 Views  

An inspector of the Customs Post Sănătăuca was detained by the NAC officers and anticorruption prosecutors, being suspected of claiming and receiving a bribe.

According to the materials of the case, the inspector would have claimed 300 euros from a driver not to introduce into the database of the Customs Service information on the illicit importing from Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova, through the Transnistrian region, of three cars, with Lithuanian registration numbers. Thus, after being denounced, the suspect was caught red-handed in the moment when he was receiving the second tranche, worth 100 euros, of the alleged amount of 300 euros; another tranche of 200 euros had been transferred previously.

In this case a criminal prosecution was initiated under article 324, passive corruption. If convicted, the man risks imprisonment from 3 to 7 years with a fine ranging from 4 000 to 6 000 conventional units and with the deprivation of the right to hold certain public functions or to exercise certain activities for the period from 5 to10 years.

The suspect is detained for 72 hours. We remind, that every person is presumed to be innocent until the final and irrevocable decision of the court is pronounced.

The Office of Anticorruption Prosecutor conducts criminal prosecution.




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