Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ACN) 25th STEERING GROUP MEETING
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Dear Anti-Corruption Network Members,



With the occasion of this 25-th ACN Steering Group Meeting, I would like to greet you all.

It is an honour for me to participate and represent the Republic of Moldova at this important meeting.

As a national coordinator and contact point, the National Anti-corruption Centre has been an active member of ACN, participating in different activities, which aimed to ensure the sharing of best practices in the domain of preventing and fighting against corruption as well as establishing the direction of activity and strategic cooperation in areas of common interest.

Considering that the subjects addressed by ACN have been always correlated with the most serious challenges and needs of the member states, our participation in these activities have served as an impetus for strengthening our legal and institutional framework, according to the best international and European practices.

Aspiring to further improve our anti-corruption framework, in March this year we have addressed a letter to the secretary-general of OECD expressing our intention to join the peer review programme of the ACN - the Istanbul Anti-corruption Action Plan. We were glad to hear from the ACN Secretariat, that, following the written procedure, our request was accepted. In this context I would like to express my gratitude to all ACN members for their support.

As you all know, according to the draft ACN Work Plan for 2020, the Republic of Moldova is one of the 5 countries selected to participate in the pilot monitoring round, before launching the 5th round of monitoring. As before, we will have a serious and active involvement in this process and will do our best to contribute to the improvement of the performance monitoring tool.

These being said, thank you all once again for your trust and we assure you of our further active involvement in all planned activities.

I wish you all success in your activity!!!






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