A man complained to the NAC officers that he has been pressured by the police officers to bribe them, after he had been caught drink driving
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A man from Cantemir addressed the General Territorial Directorate South of the NAC with a denunciation, stating that some employees of the Patrol Inspectorate, South Directorate, claimed from him a bribe of 1000 leis, because he was caught by the police inspectors, while he was drunk driving.

Thus, the driver agreed to transfer the money, however, under the NAC control, within a criminal case, started for passive corruption. This morning, the NAC officers, prosecutors and employees of the Internal Protection and Anticorruption Service of the MIA entered the offices of the suspects, carrying out authorized searches. As the result, the money that had been passed, was found, while the police officers were escorted to the headquarters of the GTD South of the NAC for questioning.

If found guilty, he risks up to 10 years of imprisonment, a criminal fine and deprivation of the right to hold civil function.

The criminal investigation is being conducted by the South office of the Office of Anticorruption Prosecutor.

We remind that every person is presumed to be innocent until the final and irrevocable decision of the court is pronounced.


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