A new anticorruption meeting, organized by the NAC for the National Training Center „MOLDINSOLV”
14.07.2020 552 Views  

On July 14, the NAC officers, at the request of the National Insolvency Training Center „MOLDINSOLV”, held an information meeting regarding the integrity standards in the sector of authorized administrators.

The training aimed at strengthening the knowledge, promoting the integrity standards, as well as supporting and facilitating the efforts in implementation and realization of the anticorruption policies in this field.

The topics discussed within the training focused on the rigors of the professional and institutional integrity, the institute of the integrity warning, legal regime of the conflict of interest, legal regime of gifts, ethical norms and professional deontology, liability for lack of integrity, ways of reporting corruption acts, etc.

The Center will continue to carry out the information activities for the authorized administrators to help promote the integrity standards, as well as develop and strengthen the institutional and professional integrity climate.

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